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860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island

Integrated Balance


To deliver a solution that’s Better by Design, we bring an integrated balance of function and aesthetics to each project through:



Everyone involved in a project contributes by bringing ideas to the drawing table. To that end, we begin each project with a stakeholder kick-off, designed to nurture creativity and engagement. From doodles on a scratch pad to intensive client sessions, we draw inspiration from each user, partner and decision-maker.



When undertaking a project that can be months or years in the making, collaboration is the keystone of success. We look to energize the project team through each touch point, bringing together clients, partners and our internal team. Our belief is that successful collaboration is best measured by client satisfaction, and we’re honored that 85-90% of our business comes from repeat clients.



Each project brings unique goals, needs, challenges and complexities. Our team responds with a customized solution that works on all levels. Whether renovating an existing space or designing a new building, we strive to unite form and function to create an atmosphere that clearly exhibits the client’s identity and goals.



Meeting changing design trends, regulations and guidelines means keeping up to date on technology. The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other advanced exploratory tools like 3D Printing and Virtual Reality allows us to effectively communicate design concepts to our clients, refine them, and accurately communicate the final design to today's most tech-savvy builders.