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860.548.0802 Connecticut  |  401.596.7555 Rhode Island

Showcasing the Otis Customer Service Center

Otis Service Center - Bloomfield, CT

Advanced Tech/R&D

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Tecton is currently working with OTIS and UT Realty to redesign their existing Service Center in Bloomfield, CT. The new space will highlight the OTIS brand and will serve as a showcase of OTIS Customer Service and manufacturing for existing and potential customers to visit.


The project also includes moving employees from the OTISLINE Call Center in Farmington to the OTIS Service Center Bloomfield location. By consolidating employees into one location, the organization will be able to leverage existing technical expertise with around-the-clock support for their global customers.  Due to the sensitivity of information surrounding this project, the involvement of participation during the programming stage was limited mostly to department directors.


Our work on the project includes renovations and interior design for:

• 39,000 SF of office space

• 89,000 SF of warehouse space

• 51,000 SF of light manufacturing space

• 7,000 SF of lab space